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May 25, 2017 Ramblings from a writer’s mind by Paul White

May 22, 2017 Interview by Charlene Jones on the Soul Sciences podcast

May 20, 2017 Just Books by Rainne Atkins

Our Coffee Break interview with Joe Compton – May 19, 2017

Kate A. Everward’s guest post on Go Indie now – A year after The First was published. April 12, 2017

The International Episode of Go Indie Now featuring Daniel Harding of 23 1/2 Films from the U.K., Romance Author Jin Okubo in Japan, Metal Band Ghost Season from Greece, and The Everward Sisters.  

May 2016 – A great podcast interview with Kori Miller host of the Back Porch Writer Show

May 2016 – 

April 2016

The Everward sisters participated in a late night panel on GO INDIE NOW as part of the Brain to Books Cyber Conference on April 9th 2016

The Everward sisters first ever interview on April 2016

Just hop into Charlene Jones’ website and search for Claire and Kate Everward uploaded on April 27th 🙂

These two women change the meaning of sisterly love by joining their separate talents, writing for one, marketing for the other, into a dynamic duo. Listen in here for more. 

Link to interview with Anna Claire Everward and Kate Anne Everward



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Blog Tour: Claire and Kate Everward (Updated Post)

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