THE FIRST


     A contemporary fantasy suspense novel


 Find her!

Is the ancient directive that has once again awakened in the souls of those who know.

Kill Her!

Is the frantic command of those who fear her rise. Aelia is targeted by a killer and she has no idea why. But then neither does he. All Kyle Rhys knows is that to protect humanity, this woman must die. Then again, killing her should be easy: after all, he has been prepared for her death his entire life. So why can’t he kill her?

In an impossible turn of events, both killer and target find themselves on the run from those who would stop at nothing to destroy them, to those who hold a truth that would overturn their entire world, taking their very identities from them forever. 

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“Fantastic.”  Amazon UK                                                                                                                      “Wow! What a revelation. This is the most unique book I’ve read in a while… Everward is a fresh talent with an extraordinary vision that really sucks you in. This is an honest to God thriller that will have you biting your nail and gasping in surprise. I loved it.

“Da Vinci and Bourne series wrapped up in an amazing, interesting new way. A definite must read” Amazon USA                                                                                                                            “This is such an amazing book. I mean it takes you for a ride and then when you think you got a hold of it you get more. There is so much that you get from this story, where you cannot and dare not put it down. The characters are amazing and will bring you to love, hate, and refuse to let go of when it is time to put it down.
The story takes you through suspense, drama, and action, and a bit of everything else in such a smooth way… I would say and expect that her to climb the charts and become a best seller.”

“The female Jason Bourne but better” Amazon USA                                                                         “I absolutely loved how this unfolded. The author ingeniously let out not one spoiler, or hint to what was expected…this is not an easy thing to do without taking away from the readers attention…No doubt, a must read. Looking forward to more of Claire’s work.”

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