Writing and Worrying, Worrying and Writing…

Not quite there yet.

Author likes to have a ‘Yes, that’s it’ feeling with any story she writes. And she has yet to reach that point with her next book for you. That’s okay, she’ll get there. Or rather, the story will get there. But it is not there just yet. Author knows why, she knows what’s missing. And so she has embarked on finding it. It won’t take long, this much she can tell you. Some research, some thinking, some allowing her mind have its way will do the job.

You might have guess from Author’s work-centered state of mind that Sister is feeling better. She too is almost there, but not quite. And she too will get there. Author is still concerned, very much so, but she’s trying not to drive Sister mad because of it, not too much at least. Focusing on her work helps, Sister needs to know Author is not stopping. Ever.

But before work, Author has to deal with one of the family cats. You see, Henry VIII doesn’t like his food to be laid on his plate as a pile. Author is normally careful, but this morning, since feeding Henry and his sister Mary is the first thing she does, even before the daily come-on-wake-up-it’s-a-new-day coffee, she must have placed the canned food on his plate in a way that only he would interpret as a pile. At least that’s what she realized when Henry finally bothered to wake up, slouched off the bed and went to eat with his eyes still half-closed, and that’s where Author found him, skirting his plate suspiciously with measured steps, occasionally reaching out with a paw to slap at the food. His favorite food, Author would like to add. But a pile—that’s inconceivable. Author rushed to flatten the pile and managed to talk his highness into eating his breakfast. But now he’s demanding retribution. Author expects to be spending a large part of the day groveling and in spoiling mode

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