When Your Teeth Get in Your Way

Author should be working on her next book for you on this fine summer day, but alas, that is not to be. Author has had a dental procedure done early this morning, and now, hours later, she is sitting with Stanley, her laptop, staring uselessly at the screen. Author will not exhaust you with needless description of how she feels. Suffices to say that the world should be glad she doesn’t have the nuclear codes at her disposal.

Author might have been irritated at her inability to do any work, but that would require at least a semi-coherent thought. Best to let it go and retreat, perhaps read a book. Yes, good idea, Author has decided to simply read a book. Something to keep her mind off the pain. Preston and Child’s Blue Labyrinth has been waiting here forever and Author always finds it difficult to stay away from a Pendergast book.

Who knows, maybe if Author disregards her teeth, they’ll disregard her right back.

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