When You Work With Family

Author received the print copy of The First today. Author has wondered what it would feel like, holding a tangible copy for the first time. You hear authors talking about it, you know. Their first book. In interviews, on television. The way it feels to hold the first book. Author has already had the initial shock when she first saw the ebook on Amazon, but until not that long ago there were no ebooks, only print books, and that is what Author was used to her whole life, what she always imagined when she thought about a story of hers being published. There are many print books on the shelves in the apartment of Author’s family, and having there one that is hers seemed to her a bit surreal.

But whatever Author thought she might feel when she would first hold that first print book, that wasn’t quite the way it turned out to be. You see, Sister has been ill for the past couple of weeks, and Author has been terribly worried. And so when Sister, who had worked so hard to ensure that the print version of The First comes out in the best way possible, gave Author a copy, all Author could feel was somber, and that’s the way she still does on this evening, many hours later. You would understand, she is certain. Author is a big sister first, an author later. And Sister is first and foremost that, her little sister. Family is so much more important than books, so much more real than wishes and dreams. Nothing is more important than the well being of the people you love, never forget that. Everything else can wait.


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