Two weeks after the second day of the new year…

Two weeks after the second day of the new year…

Author didn’t mean to post anything today. She thought that after the last two posts she would leave you alone to go through the third week, the fourth week, the first month of the year. But then the words came, and when writing is who you are, you quickly learn not to argue with what it does to your mind, your plans, and anything in between. Any negotiations between you and the words will anyway end up with them winning and you writing obediently as they relentlessly dictate.

So, today, just an observation. The thing about the first couple of weeks at the beginning of the year is, they tend to have more impact on us than those many and at times seemingly endless weeks that are scattered in its middle. By that time you’ve already had all that fun of celebrating the New Year, and had an excitement-filled bird’s-eye view of the entire year sprawling before you—365 day of promise, so much to do, so much to achieve, so much to enjoy. But doing, achieving, and getting to where you can enjoy takes work. And on a day like today, two weeks after the second day of the year, after all celebrations are at a growing distance behind you and the days of the new year are counting down, more than anything you feel the work, the many steps you still need to go through, and all you see is the long road ahead.

And it is a long way. But don’t ever forget that it’s your way. Whatever it is you’re doing, you started it for a reason. Go back, think about that, about what was important to you then, in that moment you decided to embark on this road. And if it’s still important to you, if it is still a coveted dream, don’t stop. Take the next step forward. Think about how you’ll feel when you succeed. Imagine that sensation of achievement, of satisfaction and pride.

And that’s all Author wanted to tell you today. To remind you, today, just as Author and Sister remind themselves. After all, the Everward sisters too have a long road ahead, two in fact. Their road to the self-publishing goals they have set for themselves, and their Canada Quest. Both are long roads that require work, patience, and the kind of hope that they must never let go of, the hope that keeps them going as they stride toward a better life.

Now, Author could tell you she’s going to leave you alone for the rest of the month, to settle into the new year without her and Sister’s interruption. Maybe, maybe not. Most likely not. She is here with her laptop, and it’s winter outside. And writing is, for her, always the first choice.


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