This is the time for you to have all the pieces in sight

Forty-seven weeks after the second day of the new year

Twilight is indeed the best time to see. That, which Author has talked about in her post forty-five weeks after the second day of the new year, has certainly proven to be true. Author has now gone through the entire manuscript in Indesign, doing the initial preparation of its print layout and reading it in the process, and while doing that she saw what she could not see earlier when she was so busily entangled in the steps required to complete the manuscript. In fact, she saw quite a few things in the shadows. Some needed changing, and a couple of others she decided to change even though she didn’t have to, but thought it would benefit the story. And now, now Author can finally tell you she has reached that “Yes, that’s it” feeling. This story, the content of her next book for you, is complete.

As for why she has so far done only the initial layout, that’s because it takes more than one round of work on the manuscript in Indesign to prepare its layout. At least, that’s what Author does. She likes to use the first round to prepare the general layout—decide on the page margins and how the page numbers will be positioned in each page, add the title and copyright pages and any other element she might want to add, format chapter titles, and set up the indents and section breaks. Having done all this, she can already see the finished product, how the paperback will look. Theoretically, in terms of formatting, she could close the file and send it to the printer’s.

Theoretically. In reality, how should she say it? No way. The print file isn’t ready yet because the text itself needs to be typeset. That’s what Author will do in the next round of work in Indesign, the small details that are also the bulk of the layout preparation. Except, not just yet. She isn’t continuing the print layout now. First she wants to prepare the ebook format of the manuscript. At this point, so close to publication, she wants to have both formats of her next book for you before her, work on them at the same time. Now that the time is approaching to put all parts of what will be an ebook and a print book together, it’s more efficient for her to see all the pieces at once.

Which brings Author to the last piece of the publication, and that too is almost ready. What both the print book and the ebook will need is a cover. This past week Author has seen the cover Sister has chosen for this next book after so many samples, so many tries, endless (and endlessly patient) guidance by her to the cover designer. And Author can tell you that that’s it, that’s the one. There are small final changes that Sister wants made, and then the ebook cover will be ready. The print book requires additional work, of course, because it needs a back cover and a spine, which means more elements that also need to be fitted in. But it too will be ready soon.

Of course, that’s only half of it, only Author’s part of the preparations. Sister too is gearing up toward the publicizing of this book, doing her stuff, multitasking to bits. Author would tell you more about that, but she swears half the time she has no idea what Sister is talking about. But you know what? Maybe Author can get Sister to tell her a bit about what she does, and then Author will tell you. How about it? Might take a few posts—the weeks before publication tend to be rather hectic—but that post will come.

Author and Sister’s tip for you this week: when you approach the end of your work process and publication is around the corner, it’s best to pause for a moment, make sure you have before you all the pieces needed to put your book together—your chosen publication formats and their covers. Work to finalize all of them in parallel and keep them all in sight so that you won’t lose track of what needs to be ready when the moment finally comes for your story to be published.

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