Taking the next step toward the horizon. Or: The red folder strikes again!

Ten weeks after the second day of the new year

The red folder is open, chapters are strewn around, and Author is now adding her own markings and comments to them, both to the hardcopy of the editor-marked draft of her next book for you and to its files on her laptop (Author did tell you she needs a bigger desk).

Working on that next book, Author’s mind is opening up to it, going beyond the realm of her current book to this next story, this next plot, the next days and weeks in her characters’ lives, challenges, emotions. And since this particular book is actually the second in the series her current book for you has started, that means that these are all the next chapter on the path to the horizon of this series. As Author sits here with this, her next book, before her, her mind fills with an entire world, a reality she herself has created, and she sees it, sees them, her characters, their daily feats, their good and bad moments, what they go through as events around them unfold.

It’s still coming to life, still being formed, that horizon Author is telling you about. Some of it is clear, like the part of it she has already written about in her current book, the first in the series. Some, farther into the future, is as yet unclear, a fog surrounding it, so very thick in parts but thinning as she walks in her mind toward it, toward that horizon, toward the next stories in which a reality is waiting to be built. And this one, her next book for you, the one dominating that red folder, is somewhere in between. It still has, in places, slightly vague edges in it, but they will grow clear as she progresses with her work. It is only a mere step from becoming the current real.

As Author treads through this story on the path to this series’ horizon, she will live it, feel it, complete all details great and small, place events in due context, listen to her characters and guide them, yet take a step back and let them do their thing where that is right. This book, her next book for you, the second in the series, will dominate her time and mind in the weeks ahead. But it is not like in the beginning, when she had just begun to write this new story, when she was still trying to find her way in it. That was the essence of her work on it, the heart of it, the creation of a world, of lives, of events. Now she is building the body around it, making her creation whole, until the moment comes when she can once again take a step back, look at it with a nod and say, “Yes, that’s it”, a step away from the “Okay, it’s ready” moment when she knows she can bring it as a finished book to you, her readers.

And where is Sister, you ask? She is busy with the current book’s publication (cover still pending, by the way), busy with its pre-PR preparations, busy with the Everward family’s Canada Quest, busy with a long list of tasks that make her (and Author) glad there is chocolate, coffee, and more chocolate in the world. Yes, Author will update you about that. But not his week, if you don’t mind. Author is itching to get back to work on that next book for you, the red folder is calling!

And a tip from Author and Sister: Enjoy this time in your work, that part of the process after the story is drafted, when you already know what it is, what it will be, and when you don’t need to think about spellchecking and typesetting and all those other endless pre-publishing tasks yet, and you can just live your creation for a while longer.


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