The Author and the ManaSis

Author is eager to finish working on the editor’s notes, which is what she has been doing these past days, and really dig into the manuscript. For her this means going over it thoroughly while making note of a countless things on her checklist, both story-related and editing-related. It is the last step Author takes before her pre-final read of the book.

The delay is not surprising. Within about a month and a half Author had gone through several dental treatments—yes, that surgery she has told you about was not the only treatment—and that does tend to put a dent in one’s work schedule. It also tends to put a dent in one’s brain. Author keeps thinking she hears drilling, even when her dentist is safely away.

And just so you know, Sister has been there all the way. She was the one who chose the clinic and the doctors and has accompanied Author to every appointment. Of course, at this point Author isn’t sure if she should thank her or run away screaming. Still, Sister has, along the way, coined a new title for herself, ManaSis. Manager and sister all rolled into one. Author thinks that’s so very fitting J

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