And that’s a wrap of this blog’s first year.

Fifty-two weeks after the second day of the new year

The last post of the year! Hard to believe this blog has been through a whole year. Well, nearly a whole year, less than one week to go for that. But next week won’t be the time for this post. This day a week from now will be the time to look forward to a new year, the next fifty-two weeks, and so now is the time to wrap up the past ones.

What a year it’s been! Author and Sister can tell you they did end up following the path they had set for themselves for the duration. It was a rockier path than expected in places, a wider road than previously thought in others. The rocky parts have and are still being dealt with, and the wider parts are so because of new ideas, new opportunities and the implementation of lessons learned, and that’s certainly a good thing.  One thing is certain, Author and Sister are doing a whole lot more than they thought they would. They’re arriving at the end of the first year of this blog and the second of their publishing venture busy. Far busier than they were when the first post of this blog was written on the second day of the new year, and in fact busier than they had thought they would be. You know a lot of it, Author has shared much with you these past fifty-two weeks.

Surprises certainly did have their say, some bad, some good, as is usually the case. But Author and Sister’s promises to themselves and to each other, these have been kept, still are, and new ones were added. They will tell you that a lot was done that they had not planned to do, which did slow down some of the tasks in their pre-planned schedule. But they did move forward with what they had wanted to do, progressing steadily. No, not only steadily, but increasingly surefootedly, too, thanks to experience gained over the year. Not all of their goals have been achieved, not yet, that too was expected: the goals Author and Sisters have set for themselves are of the type that takes time, patience and perseverance. But these goals are closer, and they are now being approached more skillfully, more confidently. Author and Sister can now look back knowing that they did their best this past year, and that their way forward is clearer. But more than that, they are moving forward with a whole lot more resolve than before.

What about you, what’s your year been like?  Did you take any steps toward your dream? If you didn’t take as many as you would have liked to, or with less success than you had hoped, remember this: there are more years ahead. More months, weeks, days, more chances to take steps forward. Things happen in life that we can’t control. Unforeseeable things come to bear that set us back or slow us down, or we find ourselves busier than we thought, a day we’d allocated to doing what we want rerouted to some other task. That’s fine. Just find your time to take even the tiniest step forward, for you. And if you did take your first steps, continue to the next ones, don’t stop. If delays occur, just find your pace again.

If the year has been what you wanted and it feels like it was full of achievements, use the strength, the sense of empowerment this has given you, to continue forward. And if you haven’t quite completed what you had set out to do or feel depleted because of too many unexpected occurrences you’ve had to deal with, remember that fulfilling all your promises to yourself takes more than a year. Dreams take time, and your part in it is doing the best you can. Tomorrow is there, another year is coming, and regret is such a waste of time. Whatever happened, your dream is still there, and looking back with regret won’t make it come true. When you do look back at the past year, look at lessons learned so that you will be able to more efficiently plan ahead. Because one thing you’ve certainly gained from these fifty-two weeks: experience.

This year’s last tip from Author and Sister: take one last scrutinizing look at this year before it’s time to look forward again, to a new one. Look back for two reasons: to learn from your experience, and to remind you of the challenges you’ve scaled. Because, you see, you did it. Whatever this year has brought to your life, you made it through it, good and bad alike, and you’re all the better for it. You can now look ahead and move forward toward fulfillment of your dreams.

That’s it for now. Don’t worry, Author and Sister will be back next week to start a new year with you. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all of you who are celebrating, and Happy End of the Year to you all!

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