Past and future in a battle of choices…

Three weeks after the second day of the new year   Well, Author did warn you she would likely be back this week. And she is. Something that recently happened Continue Reading →

On to a new year…

Why a post on the second day of the new year and not on the first? Because New Year’s resolutions and promises tend to be made on the first day Continue Reading →

Writing and Worrying, Worrying and Writing…

Not quite there yet. Author likes to have a ‘Yes, that’s it’ feeling with any story she writes. And she has yet to reach that point with her next book Continue Reading →

When You Work With Family

Author received the print copy of The First today. Author has wondered what it would feel like, holding a tangible copy for the first time. You hear authors talking about Continue Reading →

Knowledge is everything

This time Author and Sister will begin with a tip: learn. Don’t think that you know everything you need to know, don’t think there’s nothing new to be learned, and Continue Reading →

Silence of the Author (in a non creepy way…)

Shhhh, Author is working. Actually, right now Author is talking to you, but that’s okay because Author is having lunch. No, she won’t tell you what she’s having, but she Continue Reading →

Fight, Flight or Write

Author needs a certain state of mind to write. If anything difficult happens that breaks her mood into pieces, she can’t write. By difficult Author means anything sad or discouraging, Continue Reading →

Dentists, ice cream and some writing…

Author has just finished a work talk with Sister. Yes, she is finally able to do that. After a week of eating not much more than ice cream, bottled yogurt, Continue Reading →

Finally getting started!

So if you’ve been through our website you know who we are, but we thought we might use this blog to give you some less formal stuff, the blog version Continue Reading →