Silence of the Author (in a non creepy way…)

Shhhh, Author is working.

Actually, right now Author is talking to you, but that’s okay because Author is having lunch. No, she won’t tell you what she’s having, but she will tell you that Author and Sister and their mother are happily vegetarians. But that’s for a different post. So where was…? Oh yes. So Author is having lunch, and since she can’t settle for focusing on only one thing, she thought she might share this post with you.

Author has finished with the editor’s notes and is now doing her thing, going over the manuscript her way, checking for the integrity of the story while going over a checklist of things to watch for—editing points, grammatical errors that might have remained, typos that might still be there, and anything else Author might find that she would like to change. The name of a character, perhaps, or a description that lacks. This is especially important since Author wants this book to be the first in a series. If you, the readers, would like it to be, that is, once you’ve read this first book.

There is something settling about working on a book. It calms Author down, helps her focus. No matter how she feels, if Author can just sit with her laptop and work on a story, she is fine. That’s just how it is. And there is so much more to it than that—Author is beginning to realize that this venture, becoming an author, is changing her. Has already changed her quite a bit, in fact, as if certain parts of her brain now have precedence, as if her ability to go deep into her mind comes at the expense of her ability to deal with the reality around it. Is that good or bad? It doesn’t really matter, it’s simply the way it is, the way it has to be.

Lunch is over, time to bring this post to an end and go back to work!

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