Right. Time for some serious work.

Fifteen weeks after the second day of the new year

Not that it’s not all serious work, every bit of it. It’s just that the red folder is empty. Author has finished going through all the editor’s comments, and as she has told you in her post thirteen weeks after the second day of the new year, this also means she has already gone through the manuscript once independently of these comments, making changes of her own. Which is why the file on her laptop screen is now more than sporadically marked and has more than a few comments throughout it—points that Author would like to clarify further or delve deeper into, perhaps change entirely in view of the completion of the first book in the series and new experience gained, additional research that she thinks is warranted, or anything else that might have made her brow furrow while she was going through this draft that she has written months ago. And so she is now ready to dig into it, put in that serious work needed to complete the body around the heart, make the story whole.

Author loves what comes now. She removes everything from her desk, and it’s only her and the words on the screen before her for as long as it takes for her to get the book—this next book, her third and the second in the series—prepared for you, her readers. She loves the way the story takes over her thoughts, is all there is, and she gives it all she has until her gray cells’ gray cells are screaming for reprieve.

Author is free to do that, focus her mind completely on her next book, because her current book for you, the first in her first series, is no longer in her hands. The print cover and text files have been sent to the company that prints Author and Sister’s books—Sister has taken care of that, Author has shared with you some of her lessons from the process in her previous post—and the ebook is ready to be uploaded, so Author no longer wonders if anything else should be done in this book that will soon make its way from her to you. The time has finally come to let it go. The good thing is that Author is now so busy with her next book for you that she is actually managing not to think about the upcoming publication of that current one, and so she isn’t plagued by that “Oh my God it’s going to be out there for everyone to see what will they think” feeling yet. But don’t worry, it will come.

And a Canada Quest word, but not only that: these past days have been a holiday reprieve, a moment in the year we all try to spend with our loved ones in this hectic life of ours. For the Everward family this holiday is Easter, celebrated in a country where another holiday is celebrated, not this one. The Everward family had hoped it would be in a new home by now, not in this place where they feel like strangers, but that was not to be. Author is trying hard not to think about the next holiday.

Still, the Everward sisters have one hell (sorry about that) of a fighting spirit, as you may have noticed, and they do tend to be optimistic. And so, as this post comes toward the end of whatever holiday you are celebrating, readers and writers, the sisters hope these were good days for you, and that the next holiday you plan to celebrate is, for you, something to look forward to. Which brings Author and Sister to their tip for you this week, a small, personal one: on what’s left of this holiday—and on as many other days as possible of the year—make someone you care about smile.


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