Readers and writers, half a year has gone by

Twenty-six weeks after the second day of the new year

And so Author wants to take a pause and talk about you. To the readers among you who do not write, she’s glad to have you here, and promises to continue sharing with you who Author and Sister are. Author is new at this blog thing, still getting the hang of it, and there’s so much to write, so much to say, so many posts yet to come. As for this post, stick around, it’s relevant for you, too. And the writers among you, Author wonders how you’re doing now, six months after she began this blog, half a year after that very first post on the second day of the new year. What have you been doing? That coveted dream of yours, did you take any steps toward it? Even a small step? If so, good. Continue, don’t stop. Even if things haven’t gone as you expected. Have you had any disappointments in the past months, nothing good happened maybe? Don’t be discouraged. Some things take time, patience, a lot of work.

If you haven’t started yet, that’s okay. Beginnings can be difficult. It’s been six months, not a lifetime. Start now. No matter how small a step, do it now. Get on your way to realizing your dream. And if you don’t know what that dream is, take the time to find out what it is that you want, that will give you a sense of achievement, that will make you look at what you’ve done with pride. Don’t wait too long, time passes quickly in this busy life. And don’t think that you can’t, for whatever reason. Even the smallest steps will add up to you getting to where you want to be, to what you want. On the last day of this year you will still be able to look back and know that you did something. Sometimes that’s all we need to go on.

By now you know that Author and Sister speak from their own experience, that they are just like you in their efforts to attain coveted dreams. You know they are working hard, doing all they can, just as you are. They’ve shared with you what they’re doing and you know how busy the past months have been for them. The to do list Author has told you about in her first post is still changing and forming, which is, Author agrees more than ever, part of the path, part of the adventure, part of the acceptance that there are always surprises on the way. And that to do list is certainly filling up as Author and Sister learn what else they want, what else is needed. And while a lot is being done, many of the tasks on it take time and require a whole lot of work and even more patience. But milestones are reached, and there are some achievements on the way, which is what we all need to give us a push to continue. For Author and Sister it was the publication of their second book, Oracle’s Hunt, and their decision to tell you about their Canada Quest, to forge ahead, their way, with their aspiration to get to a new home in Canada. As for the second half of the year, who knows what will be achieved then. Author and Sister will continue to do what they’ve done so far, take step after step toward their goals and share it all with you.

No tip today. In this week in the middle of the year in which Author and Sister began to talk to you, what they want is to remind you of something that you must never forget: whatever you’re trying to achieve, it is your dream. It is your way, and you embarked on it for a reason. Remember why it was important to you back at the beginning, and if it still is, don’t stop, no matter how difficult it seems it would be for you to get to where you want to be. Continue moving forward. Just think about how you’ll feel when you succeed. Of course, you can always think that the road ahead is too long, too complex, requires too much effort. But is the alternative—staying with what you’ve had until now, putting what you want aside, seeing others dare and achieve what you too could have had—better? Can you accept a life of dreaming without at least trying to make your dreams come true, and then waking up one day full of regrets about chances now gone? If the answer is no, take a deep breath and step into the second half of the year. We’ve just started, there’s still a lot of work to be done.


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