Putting yourself out there


Putting your book out there for the world to see is scary. No, terrifying. Yes, that’s it. Terrifying. Someone tells you they like your writing and you say, what, really? It can’t be. And your self-doubt is not reduced, not in the least. Another gives some criticism, even the smallest, and it is their words that you believe, that lodge themselves in your heart and mind. That send your self-doubt another notch or ten up. Am I any good, you ask yourself. Am I worth anything? And who am I to put my words, my thoughts, my dreams out there, surely others are so much better. Surly everyone else is so much better. 

And so this is Author and Sister’s tip for you today:  It’s not about the fear. Everyone is afraid of venturing into unknown territory, of trying something new. It’s about doing despite the fear. If you don’t try, you just might end up regretting it, wondering for years to come what could have been, how you could have changed your life for the better. And mistakes, failures even, are what all those who try to make their dreams come true go through. But while trying they learn, experience, and you never know what you will gain on the way.

And so Author & Sister say: go for it. Try. Write and put your words out there for the world to see. Criticism? Try again. Listen, learn, then write some more and put yourself out there again. If this is you, if this is who you are at heart, it’s worth it. For yourself, and yes, for those you love.

A brilliant singer once said that after decades of performing she is still afraid every time she goes on stage. Decades, see? She’s never stopped despite the fear.

Neither do Author & Sister. And neither should you. And after all, what if you actually succeed?

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