One week after the second day of the new year…

Author and Sister thought that their post on the second day of the year should be followed by another a week later, to see how you’re doing. So how are you eight days after the beginning of 2017? How’s the new year so far? Did good things happen? Good. Disappointments? Still 357 days to go, so move on. You don’t even have to get over whatever it is you’re disappointed about, just move on. A lot of time remains for a lot of good that can still happen, a lot of good that you can make happen.

That’s how Author and Sister see things, and that’s why they’ve been hard at work. Author is going through the last stages of their next book for you, mostly the technical stuff that tends to accompany the post-serious-writing-and-editing stage and the pre-publishing-and-nervous-wreck stage. And Sister is preparing to take the manuscript from her in its ebook and print formats, and is already doing that impossibly multi-faceted work she does, with far too many details for any remotely sane person to keep track of, to make sure the book becomes available to you and that you know it’s out there.

Author and Sister are also hard at work on their Canada Quest. Did they tell you about their Canada Quest? No, not yet, did they? You see, Author and Sister want to make a new home for themselves and their mother and the family’s three cats in Canada. They’ve worked hard to do this for the past two years, going through the traditional channels, but nothing is happening, nothing but delays that keep crushing their hopes. But you see, Author and Sister have learned something in that old year, 2016. They’ve learned that if they want something done, they have to do it themselves, find their own way as they have gotten used to doing in the challenging life they’ve had. And so in this, the new year 2017, when hope is what counts, they’re going to do the same thing with their quest for a new home. And they promise to update you along the way.

And a tip from Author and Sister: It’s easy to freeze in place, to let disappointment get too much power in your thoughts, to let failure look like it’s the end of the world. Thing is, everyone you’ve ever looked up to, no matter how high they reached, have been through failures and disappointments. But they moved beyond it, took the next step, achieved their dreams. You can too.



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