Okay, it’s ready.

Seven weeks after the second day of the new year

Author has reached that feeling she has told you about in her post four weeks after the second day of the new year. The manuscript files for her next book for you, the first book of her first series, are ready. The work process she’s been sharing with you is now done. After all those months of being focused on one thing, of taking step after step on the road to turning her thoughts into words, her words into a story, her story into a full-length novel, of completing task after task on the path to publication, she has reached the point where all that’s left to do is to let that feeling of anticipation take over, the anticipation of seeing her work out there for all of you to see. And some nervousness, too, of course, about its acceptance, your impression of it. That’s to be expected.

All that remains now is the publication itself. The ebook cover is already here, Author is looking at it right now on the tablet that’s sitting beside the laptop she’s writing this post on. The print book cover will follow soon, Sister still has some things she wants done there, she lets no detail escape her. Author can’t wait to see it. She can’t wait for it to be sent to the printer’s along with the final print file, to hold the book in her hand, to upload the ebook together with Sister, as they had done for The First. Can’t wait for you to read it.

In the meantime, while Sister gets busy with her side of the publication—and Author can tell you she is already in full ManaSis-PR mode—Author will be working on Author and Sister’s next book for you. You see, that’s why Author doesn’t have that “What now?” feeling. The “What now?” is already sitting right here on her desk inside a thick red folder. A hardcopy of her third book for you, with the editor’s markings on it, ready for work. In fact, she has already  began working on it. No time to stop, there’s another book after that one, a new series perhaps. No, not perhaps. A new series. And who knows what’s next on the horizon?

But before moving on, opening that red folder and the files that will see so much work in the coming weeks, a word: working on this book was different than working on The First. The path from beginning to end was just that much clearer, the handling of tasks was just that much more experienced, the understanding of what’s still lacking and what still has to be done and learned was just that much better. Author is coming out of the process with a greater appreciation of what it takes to make a good book, and of the long way she still needs to go before she gets to the point where she trusts herself to do just that. There is more to be experienced, more to be learned, more that will, she can assure you, be done.

And a bit of an update about the Everward sisters’ Canada Quest, in keeping with their promise to share it with you: Sister has taken the IELTS, the English proficiency test Canada requires, this past week. on day 47 of the new year to be exact (Author is getting rather attached to counting the days and weeks this way). Mind you, the sisters and their mother have already taken the IELTS two years ago. The sisters even flew to London especially for that, but that’s another story. The IELTS is valid for only two years, which is why Sister took it again now. Author didn’t, Sister wanted her to focus on finalizing this book for you, to stick to the road they have charted for themselves. After all, that too, these books with Author and Sister as their publisher, is proof of what they can do, what they strive to achieve. Would it all make a difference? They hope it will. They hope Canada would understand who they are.

Author and Sister’s tip for this week, for this new year, for your life: Persevere.


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