Love and be loved

Six weeks after the first day of the second new year

Author thought a post about love would be nice this week. The day after tomorrow is, after all, Valentine’s Day, and although it’s not formally celebrated everywhere, the idea of a day in which love is celebrated seems to have washed over this small world of ours. This post, though, doesn’t focus on just one day of love. Love is important on all days of the year. But this one day, the good thing about it is that it reminds us. No matter how busy we are, how distracted, on this day there are so many reminders that we can’t miss them, and in it we either nod satisfactorily because we do take care to show those we love that we are there for them, or else we realize that we don’t do that enough. And once this day has passed, then, for a while at least, we do our best to remember.

But a while isn’t enough. The people who you love and who love you are important. They deserve more, certainly more than a day, and more than a while. And Author speaks of all types of love, not just the one this once-a-year day refers to. She speaks of all the people you love. Not just the person you consider your better half, but your family and good friends. Having people to love is a good thing. It’s the good thing. So never forget to remind the people you love that you do. People don’t have telepathy, they can’t guess what you’re thinking, and a remainder that you care about them is important. Make sure you see them, make sure you catch that moment of sadness they try to hide, makes sure you give them what they need in a moment of frustration, or loneliness, or just that bad day we all have. Make sure that if you don’t know what they need, you give them all you can so that they will at least know you care. Do your best, and don’t let go. The time will come when they’ll be able to raise their heads again and see that you’re there beside them, that you’ve always been there. We go through so much in life, it’s easy to get lost, to feel isolated, to feel alone on a difficult day. The people you care about need to know they’re never alone, that you’re there no matter what. They need to know that whatever they’re going through, you’re willing to take the journey alongside them. And the good times, the happy moments, you need to be there for those, too. What good is happiness if they don’t have someone to share it with?

And last but not least: this all goes for you, too. You need to be loved and you deserve to know you’re loved. And you know what? Okay, let’s talk for a moment about the Valentine’s day love. If you have it, embrace it. And if you don’t, wait for it. Skeptic? Well, how do you know there isn’t someone for you, in your future? Just because you tell yourself you don’t, that doesn’t mean it’s true. You don’t know, no one does. And if you’re one of those who think they don’t deserve to be loved, for whatever reason, then think again. It doesn’t work like that. Love is love and when it’s right, it happens. And when it does, you need to accept it, work hard to preserve it, and appreciate it.

So don’t stay alone, and don’t withdraw into yourself. It’s lonely, it robs you of an important aspect of your life, and it’s unwarranted. So what if you have too much to do and feel that you have no time for it? Love is important. No, it’s more than that. It’s your heart. Love doesn’t take away from your time, it’s not just one more thing you have to deal with, put thought into when your mind is already bogged down with so much to do. It gives you strength, it’s a powerful pillar you can always lean on. Don’t be alone. And no, Author isn’t downplaying the difficulty of making human contact. It doesn’t come easy for everyone, circumstances and personalities tend to be significant obstacles. So? Hope for it, work for it, and it will come. And you know what—and this is for the writers among you—you’re on one heck of a journey. A long and difficult one on which you’ve embarked without the certainty of succeeding, of knowing if you’re good enough. An emotional journey that will have its ups and downs, likely for a lengthy period as you prepare and publish your first work, then your second while you’re waiting for feedback on your previous one and on you as its writer, and so on and so forth, a long path in which you will find yourself more than once holding your breath in anxiety. There is nothing like knowing that someone is walking the path beside you, and that even if you don’t, they do have the conviction that you’re worth it.

Author and Sister’s tip for you for this week in which love is the focus: we tend to get entangled in our work, and in life in general. Our lives are hectic, we are constantly pulled to all sides and a million and one worries tug at our attention. But nothing matters more than the people we love. They are not just one more task that takes up our time, they are a pillar we cannot and should not do without, our strength in good and bad times, our heart. Nothing is more important than them. Never, ever forget that.

Author and Sister Love and Valentine's

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