Knowledge is everything

This time Author and Sister will begin with a tip: learn. Don’t think that you know everything you need to know, don’t think there’s nothing new to be learned, and don’t think you can’t learn anything new. Between websites from experienced counterparts on the internet, to articles and forums and books, there is much that is worth learning. If you’re a writer, you just might feel protective toward your words. But are you so protective that you refuse to try something new? A new choice of words, a new way to put a thought across. You don’t have to give up who you are to do that, nor the writer that you are. But it is your responsibility to your readers to put your story across in a way that will be understood and enjoyed by them. So try. Just try, what’s the harm? You can always go back to your old ways, they will still be there. But what if you discover a new way that suits you? What if there is a combination of old and new that could work better for you, for your story?

The same goes for those of you out there who bring a writer’s words to the readers. New marketing venues and ideas appear all the time. And the creativity is no less yours than it is the writer’s. So try new ways. Who knows, at some point, when you’ve learnt and experienced, you just might come up with a new idea that others will follow.  You of all people know that this isn’t a world to remain stagnant in. And why would we want to? We ourselves experience and change. We progress. Why shouldn’t our work benefit from it?

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