Introducing: Oracle’s Hunt

Eighteen weeks after the second day of the new year. 

Finally! Author and Sister’s second novel has been published. Author can now refer to what she has so far called her current book for you by the name she has given it, Oracle’s Hunt, and tell you that it is the first book in the Oracle suspense series, and that the novel she is working on now, what she has called her next book for you, is the second in the series.

Author and Sister are excited. They’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Taking this book from thought to publication has been a learning process for them both, and a lot was done on the way. When The First was published it was all Author and Sister had, just the book and the Author & Sister logo it was published under, a logo and the beginning of their way in the self-publishing world. But in the time since—and you’ll notice that Author and Sister have in fact taken all the time they needed, a decision they had carefully made—they have both learned so much, learned and created and charted each her own way of doing things and their work together. While Author focused on the books themselves and started this blog for you, Sister became the ManaSis she is now, and on the way she has built an extensive author platform, including the website this blog is on. Much done, much to be done, and this, the publication of Oracle’s Hunt, is a much-awaited milestone.

As Author sits here, writing this post with a paperback copy of Oracle’s Hunt on her desk and its ebook open on her tablet beside it, two very real products of these past months, the past year, it is not a tip that she wants to add to this post, but a personal word from Author and Sister to you: thank you for being with us on this road we’ve taken.


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