Happy New Second Year!

The first day of the second new year

It seemed only logical to continue this blog on the same day of the week on which it first started, Monday, which in 2017 was the second day of the year. And so, since this year Monday is January 1st, this is the first post on the first day of the new year 2018. Or, since this will be this blog’s second year, the first day of the second new year. How about that for a count?

Author had originally made the decision to start this blog not on the day we usually make New Year’s resolutions and all kinds of promises, but on the day after, when the celebrations are over, resolutions and promises are left behind, and if you really are serious about doing something different than you did in the past and actually achieving new goals and new dreams, that’s the day to do the serious thinking and begin making real steps toward them. In that sense, starting this blog’s second year on the first day fits: for those of you who have already began working toward attaining your dreams last year, or before that, for you this isn’t the beginning. You’re already somewhere on the way to achieving your goals. You’re already working, not relying on hastily made resolutions but on a work schedule for the year ahead that is based on tasks completed in the year past.

And that’s important. While resolutions are emotional words that can be too easily pushed aside, forgotten when it’s convenient, plans are a good thing to have a good look at on a day like this, when a new year stretches before you, 365 days of opportunity. Concrete plans, of course, not transient, implicit ones. A concrete plan has you facing practical tasks you need to complete. That’s good, such tasks keep you on your path despite whatever else happens to you or around you. And if you’ve started already last year, then by now you should have properly laid plans. Of course, these plans can and should evolve based on experience you’ve gained and the amount of progress you’ve made. Evolving is good. Your plans shouldn’t be rigid, they shouldn’t freeze in place, and neither should you. You and your plans and actions are tightly linked, and you should all change with reality. So don’t worry about plans you thought were perfect changing, about being sure that you will do things a certain way only to find yourself lagging behind, doing something else entirely, missing or adding a step a month later. Your plans will change as you progress, as you learn, reassess, recalibrate your path. But it is the existence of a plan that will in itself keep you doing, instead of just dreaming. After all, this second year too will come to an end, and you want to see progress when the last post of this year arrives, don’t you?

As for those of you who are just starting or are just joining this blog, welcome. Last year has brought with it some lessons, suggestions, and observations. This year will too. That, and who knows what else. It certainly looks like it will be a busy one. So join us, walk your path to achieving your dreams, as we do. And the place to start is setting goals for yourself, for the year ahead. What do you want from yourself? What’s your dream? What are your goals? And how will you get there—what’s your plan for this new year? Come on, think about it. What will you do? What will be done no matter what the year brings your way, what will you do your best to achieve? Have that in our mind, that will give you tomorrow no matter how today was. Because yes, some days won’t be easy. But keeping your eye on your goals will help you pass such days, leave them behind, and move on.

And here Author wants to reiterate something she said in this blog’s very first post, at the start of its first year: don’t make big plans that are too implicit. Keep it simple and plan it so that you will take continuous steps, however small, toward the achievement of your goals. A step in the right direction is enough to begin closing the distance between you and your dream. Yes, it will be difficult to make plans at first. That’s okay, it will get easier as you progress, gain experience, learn what you need to do next.

Not a tip in this New Year’s post, but a word to you from Author and Sister: A new year is about hope. Whatever happened in the old year, this is a new one, and it’s time to look forward. No regrets, remember? That was an important point in last week’s post, the last post of the old year. Regrets won’t make your dreams come true. Hard work and moving step after step forward will. So if you haven’t done so yet, get to the doing part of it. Now go and have a good year!

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