For the next book: still transitioning to complete focus. For the current book: the very last details

Twelve weeks after the second day of the new year

Going from the work involved in the pre-publication stage of one book to the post-editor work of another is quite a transition. The former means dealing with the non-writing part of the process (that’s how Author likes to classify it in her mind) that is needed to bring the story from Author to her readers. As Author has shared with you in her previous posts, this includes close scrutiny of the completed manuscript, which means a lot of staring at papers and at the screen, going through checklists and ensuring the correctness of endless small details. The latter, on the other hand, means going over the manuscript after the editor has been through it, understanding all comments, deciding what to do with each, and, once that’s finished, preparing to have an in-depth look at her work. Here Author returns once again to her writing mode, diving into the world of her mind, putting those restless creative gray cells to work. These two ends of the transition require two completely different mindsets, all the more so since it is not only a transition between two modes of work, but also between two different books.

Author has found it a bit jumbled this time, she has to admit, going from technical (non-writing) to creation (that’s right, writing, the fun part). Not nearly a clean transition, because of the need to still keep a part of her attention on her current book for you, while already having to turn as much as possible of her focus to the next book. Author is pretty much done with her current book for you, but until its actual publication, a new item to deal with still lands on her desk now and then—last adjustments to the cover, closing the content file for the printer, preparing teasers for Sister to use, you get the idea—details that keep pulling her back from next to current, dividing her focus. And the thing is that Author’s mind needs time to settle into the writing mode, and she prefers not to have that attention divided this way. It’s unsettling, and her mind tends to compensate by becoming a bit hyperactive during that time. Well, very hyperactive, to tell the truth. Ask Sister, Author can drive her nuts even on a good day, so imagine what these transitional days do.

However, Author is pleased to say that the pre-publication tasks for her current book for you are finally all but completed, the jumbled phase of this rather interesting transition is now reorganizing, all the parts falling into place, and Author is finally settling into her work on that next book for you, the way she wants to. Another chapter with the editor’s markings on it just came out of that red folder to be worked on, the others will follow soon. The red folder will be empty before long, and then it will only be Author and her laptop, Stanley (it deserved a name, what they have is a relationship of sorts, you know, Author spends more time with Stanley than with anyone else), and the files of what will eventually become Author and Sister’s next publication for you.

As for Sister, she is already finalizing a marketing kit, already using the words “upcoming launch”, already has that busy air about her, so much to do, another Author and Sister book is about to be published. Which reminds Author: Author and Sister have now received the final cover for the print version of their current book for you. It is time to send the book to be printed. The ebook is ready, too, for the day when it can be put out there together with the print book. And so, yes, that feeling is in the air again, of the pending publication of a new book. Anticipation, apprehension, and the feeling that it’s time. Author is ready.

Author and Sister’s tip for you, aspiring writers: as scary as it is to put your work out there for everyone to see, this feeling, being ready, is worth it.

Author and Sister’s note to you, their readers: soon.


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