First book, First review


Author received her first book review.

It came as a shock, Author doesn’t mind telling you. Author has an agreement with Sister, that once the book was published on Amazon, Author would stop going to that page, because, well, you know, at some points the reviews start, those stars that Author dreads. First book, fragile confidence. Non-existing confidence, more like it. You know how it is.

But Author wanted to see something in the browse categories today and so she went online and right there, below the title, there are stars. Author’s first ever review. It’s like a shock wave hits you, you know, that first review. Author still can’t calm down. It’s the kind of moment that you can’t really be prepared for. First book, first review. Firsts.

A great singer once said that even after decades of performances, and huge huge success, she is still nervous every time she goes up on stage. So Author is not expecting to relax anytime soon. She can tell you that even after this first review, a good one, Author is happy to say, she does not dread the next one any less. Maybe after some more reviews. Maybe after several more books.


Of course, Author has no intention of going back to her book page anytime soon. She will just stay here, hiding out with her laptop, working on the next one. Sister, who is so much better with these things, has promised to look out for The First, make sure it’s safe out there, for you, our readers.

And of course, Author and Sister are not ones to forget: thank you, reviewer.

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