Finally getting started!

So if you’ve been through our website you know who we are, but we thought we might use this blog to give you some less formal stuff, the blog version of it. Not all at once, you’ll learn more along the way, and you can ask, of course. We’ll do our best to answer.

So you know us, but if you need a reminder… Sister, aka Kate, aka little sister, is on the left, and Author, aka Claire, aka big sister, is on the right:

Claire and Kate


This is our mom, who loves to paint, we think we got the creative streak from her:



And these are our three lords and masters:

Gorgeous Gili, who is named after Gilbert Blyth, the sweet and lovable character from Anne of Green Gables



Gili is 11 and he loves food, keeping Sister awake, food, sleeping in front of Sister’s laptop to prevent her doing any work, and food.

Henry, as in Henry VIII, no explanation needed (well, for those of you who’ve got no interest in history, he was that English king who loved to behead his wives):



Henry is 7 and he loves to jump on top of the kitchen cabinets and scream, stand on the window sill in Author’s office and scream, and stand in the middle of the living room and scream.

And last but certainly not least, Mary, as in Mary Boleyn, who, for those of you with no interest in history again, was the younger sister of Anne Boleyn. Anne was one of Henry VIII’s unfortunate and unfortunately beheaded wives, but unlike her, Mary, who is rumored to have been Henry’s mistress, remained very much alive.



Mary is also 7. She is sweet and smart, and loves to sit in the exact same spot Author’s laptop sits on. So what if Author happens to be working? This place is hers, all hers, and she demands the laptop be moved and all attention be turned to her or else she throws everything off the desk.


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