Fight, Flight or Write

Author needs a certain state of mind to write. If anything difficult happens that breaks her mood into pieces, she can’t write. By difficult Author means anything sad or discouraging, not necessarily related to her writing. Just to life. The life of those she loves, or her own. Author and Sister are fighters, and for them falling is just a step on the way to getting up again, moving forward, never giving up on the way to achieving their goals. But once in a while something happens that shuts down that part of Author that is the writer in her.

Don’t worry, one thing you will not see here is Author and Sister giving up. And this is where their tip for you lies today: no matter how bad it gets, remember the ‘after’. There is always an ‘after’. Be patient, you’ll get there. And in the meantime, it’s okay to feel bad. Everyone does at one time or another, and no one likes to be judged about it. And if you’re having a bad day and you’re unable to get a creative thought through your mind, step back and do something else. Spend time with your family. Talk to a friend. Immerse yourself in your favorite hobby. Do something that makes you feel better.

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