Dentists, ice cream and some writing…

Author has just finished a work talk with Sister. Yes, she is finally able to do that. After a week of eating not much more than ice cream, bottled yogurt, and then some more ice cream (Sister has bought about a ton of it, white chocolate with gianduja chocolate pieces in it, Author’s favorite), Author is finally regaining coherent thought. At least to some extent. Those nuclear codes are still safer not in her hands.

The work talk helped. These talks, either about Sister’s side of the action or about Author’s side of it—this time it was the former—help Author focus, get some control over that runaway train that is her mind. Author calls it a runaway train and not a runaway car simply because at any given moment there are a number of plots and ideas in her mind, not to mention characters that do, you must understand, continue living their lives between those chapters in their lives you read—or will read—about in Author & Sister’s books. A tad insanity-provoking state of mind, true, but one does get use to it after a while. In fact, one is unable to exist without it after a while.

Speaking of insanity, Author’s got a dentist appointment in three days. Hopefully the stitches will come out and that will be the end of it. Author hopes she will then feel human again, and perhaps regain back the use of at least a couple more of her gray cells.

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