Calling out for a home: a new quest

One week after the first day of the second new year

And here is something else that continues with the new year, but with a new direction added: the Everward family’s home quest. We, Author and Sister, deliberated (a lot) these past few days, and have decided that this post should be written now, to explain and set the background for related posts we might decide to write this year. After all, we did promise to keep you updated, to share our quest with you.  As for any of you who have just joined this blog, yes, this is a blog about writing and writers, about the world of books that we, an author and her sister who is also her manager (ManaSis, you will see that now and then), publisher and publicist, are paving our way in. But we have also made a promise to let this blog’s readers know more about us, and finding a new home for our family in a new country is an important part of that.

We’ve told you quite a bit about our Canada Quest throughout last year, through scattered mentions in our blog posts and through three focused overviews—the initial explanation twenty-three weeks after the second day of the new year, the follow up that spoke more about us thirty-three weeks after the second day of the new year, and the last focused post, perhaps the most indicative of our struggle, our call to Canada forty-six weeks after the second day of the new year. We’ve told you about it all: from our reasons, our plans and our justification of why it should be us that the country we’ve sought as our home should accept, through the questions of why Canada isn’t seeing us, wouldn’t even answer us, to the feeling of shattered hopes as the three-year mark of our Canada Quest approached and Canada remained silent. Canada the country, mind you: the people are as every bit as amazing as we knew them to be, good people we would have been proud to live among. They were nothing but friendly and tried to help, and we thank them and value their friendship and support.

The three-year mark of our Canada Quest has now come and gone, on December 22 of last year to be exact. But we’re not stopping. We don’t want to stop, you know that, you know that we want a better life for our small family. And you also know that we can’t stop: our home quest post forty-six weeks after the second day of the new year showed you how worried we are about what’s happening here, in Israel and in the region around it. It’s even worse now—perhaps you’ve heard about it, in which case you know that things aren’t good here on a number of levels and that we have a lot more to worry about now. You will understand why we’re not expanding here, won’t you? It’s not only because we already have, but also because by now dry facts sound far from enough. After all, how do you write fear? How do you write concern, living without a moment’s peace, constantly worried about the future?

We’ve not only spoken of our quest for a new home here, on this blog, we’ve also shared our story on social media. And on the way we’ve made new friends, and not only in Canada. We are lucky to have friends in the US, in Australia, in New Zealand, and in Europe. And as they got to know us, who we are, they suggested that, with Canada silent, we should perhaps try to find a home elsewhere. And they were right. We haven’t given up on Canada, but we need to broaden our quest. What choice to we have? We need to leave, to find a new home, a new country to live in. A safe place.

In the past weeks we’ve deliberated as a family, and have decided to expand our quest for a new home to Europe. Western Europe, is what we’re thinking. We’ve not only visited some places there—the last time we were there was in England a few years ago, for a Christmas celebration—we’ve also always had some connection to England through our family, our mother’s side. We have the familiarity, the cultural fit, and we did consider it, the UK in fact, in the past. And don’t make a mistake here: wherever we will eventually settle down, that will be our home. That country’s people, they will be our friends and neighbors. We will continue to build our business there, and will see it as a place to grow in, create in, be a part of.

And so this is it. Here we are, back on our home quest with renewed determination. Back with this post, with our struggle, our search for a better life, calling out for a home with a broader horizon in mind, looking to Europe. Here we are, calling out for new hope. And you, our friends, supporters, followers, we’ll share it all with you, of course, in the weeks and months, to come. Wish us luck.

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