Home Quest. Canada, where are you?

Forty-six weeks after the second day of the new year On November 2nd, at 2:48 am, a missile warning sounded in the city we live in. Near Tel Aviv, right Continue Reading →

Knowledge is everything

This time Author and Sister will begin with a tip: learn. Don’t think that you know everything you need to know, don’t think there’s nothing new to be learned, and Continue Reading →

The Author and the ManaSis

Author is eager to finish working on the editor’s notes, which is what she has been doing these past days, and really dig into the manuscript. For her this means Continue Reading →

When Your Teeth Get in Your Way

Author should be working on her next book for you on this fine summer day, but alas, that is not to be. Author has had a dental procedure done early Continue Reading →

Putting yourself out there

The First a contemporary fantasy suspense novel

PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE Putting your book out there for the world to see is scary. No, terrifying. Yes, that’s it. Terrifying. Someone tells you they like your writing and Continue Reading →

After the first book comes the second…

  So Author is embarking on the post-editor work of Author and Sister’s next book, Oracle’s Hunt. It’s different this time. Author had already gone once through the entire path Continue Reading →

First book, First review

  Author received her first book review. It came as a shock, Author doesn’t mind telling you. Author has an agreement with Sister, that once the book was published on Continue Reading →

Finally getting started!

So if you’ve been through our website you know who we are, but we thought we might use this blog to give you some less formal stuff, the blog version Continue Reading →

Author&Sister Blog

So this is the beginning. Soon we will upload our first posts and the first blog ever of Author and Sister. Hi author it’s your sister, establishing our blog, our Continue Reading →