An (important) interim post

Eleven weeks after the second day of the new year

Sister’s birthday was this past week, and that made Author think about the past year. She wanted to share her thoughts with you now, on this week of Sister’s birthday—it’s important to her, you know, a big sister thing—a week in which the publication of another Author and Sister book is drawing near.

You can pass a lifetime without an achievement you could be proud of when you’re old and looking back at decades past, a lifetime without ever setting out on a road of your own, missing the chance to say you tried and achieved, your way. In the year since Sister’s previous birthday fifty-two weeks ago, she has done more of what she is capable of, of what increasingly defines her, than she has ever done before, and Author has no doubt that the next fifty-two weeks will show her so much more of what she is able to do, of who she is, that she is now well on her way to one day looking at a lifetime she could take pride in.

And it has been a remarkable year. It was a time in which the Everward sisters decided to leave their jobs behind, and to put all they know, all they are, into becoming this, Author and Sister, with everything that this designation does and will stand for. That was quite a decision, as you can imagine, with substantial implications, and carrying with it aspiration, determination, and a strong belief that together they can succeed.

But it wasn’t that they started entirely from scratch, you should know. By the time Author and Sister came to be, Author had been writing for a while on weekends, on quiet evenings that allowed it, and pretty much at any moment that was unbearable, when she required that reprieve she loves so. And Sister, by then, already had behind her nearly a decade of media consulting, accumulating know-how and forging attributes that serve as a sound platform to the role she has now taken in this venture that is, finally, hers. But while the two sisters had something to begin with, and were, in some respects, able to hit the ground running, this meant a need to learn much about the new world they had ventured into within a short amount of time, and meet challenges head on without reprieve and with little to no preparation. Challenge, that is one key word here. The other is determination. Down the line are achievement and exhilaration. A lot to be done, a lot will be done.

And on that note, a word on the sisters’ Canada Quest. A word to Canada, in fact: Canada, see us? We are Author and Sister. About to publish our second book, the third already at work, the fourth discussed in-depth just yesterday, a future of additional works in the years ahead. Author has seen a tweet last night, with the combination of words in it, “Canadian Author”. Canada, that is how Author and Sister await to be described in the wake of their adoption by you. Canadian author, Canadian publisher, the Canadian Author and Sister. Enter two more key words here, Canada, that the Everward Sisters and their mother have already told you about as they began to bring you their story, ask you to give them a home. Anticipation and hope. These two only you can fulfill.

And a big tip from Author and Sister: Be proud of the people you love.


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