Almost there!

Four weeks after the second day of the new year

Author has reached that “Yes, that’s it” feeling with the new book she’s been working on, Oracle’s Hunt. For those of you who are new to this blog, that’s the feeling that the story is exactly what she wants it to be. It’s the moment when she feels she can let out that breath she’s been holding, and take in a new one, a new breath of air that is just that much lighter. It’s that point when she looks at the words on the screen—written, edited, read, formatted—and they’re hers. Her words, her way. For her readers.

But that doesn’t mean her work is done yet. That “Yes, that’s it” feeling needs to be followed by “Okay, it’s ready”. And Author is not there just yet. She likes to take a final look at her work, no longer as a draft, no longer as the words that flowed out of her mind unchecked and were then so carefully crafted into a viable story, but as a book that will be picked up by you to be read. It is time for her to look at it not just as its author, but also as its reader.

Once that’s done, Author will close the manuscript files in the two formats the book is coming out in. She and Sister will upload the ebook, and Sister will send the print version to be printed. Sister already has it all arranged, and has also been busy making sure Oracle’s Hunt boasts a proud cover. And no less important, Sister has begun spreading the word about the book’s pending publication, already going into ManaSis-PR mode. She is Sister all the time and a stern ManaSis where work dominates, but it is when an Author and Sister book is about to be published that she goes into full ManaSis-PR mode, talking and posting and sending and doing so many things that, frankly, Author doesn’t begin to understand. Author is more the “go away, I’m writing now” side of it, while Sister is the “right, let’s get them to see us” action.

And a word about the Everward sisters’ Canada Quest:  they now have an action plan, a proactive one, which they’ve already set in motion. They have begun their appeal to the country they are eager to call their home, their way this time. And as they have promised, they will share with you their efforts, challenges, and feats.

Author and Sister’s tip for the writers among you: So you’re done with your manuscript, wrote, edited, formatted, the works. It’s ready to be published? Good. Now read it again, one last time. Yes, now, when you’re sure it’s ready, go through it again. Sister said something the other day—readers get irritated if they come across errors that show the writer has been careless in preparing the book for them. So respect your readers and do your best. Yes, we are all human, and mistakes happen. But you owe it to your readers—and to yourself—to do the best you can.



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