After the first book comes the second…


So Author is embarking on the post-editor work of Author and Sister’s next book, Oracle’s Hunt. It’s different this time. Author had already gone once through the entire path from writing through editing to ebook and print publishing with The First, and by going through she means doing the work every step of the way. That tends to cement things in one’s mind, making for valuable hands-on experience rather than simply theoretical knowledge. And so when approaching this next book, Author now has the entire process in her mind and is able to better assess the what, how and when of it. Author also knows more about her strengths and weaknesses, and is better able to anticipate and act accordingly. That’s not to say, mind you, that Author considers herself experienced. Not at all. Better to revisit this point in a few more years, several more books, and likely many more lessons learnt.

Still, having gone through one book does mean the process is now somewhat calmer and more focused. Less uncertainty about what needs to be done and what’s the best way for Author to do it. Perhaps most important, Author now knows that with every step she takes forward she will feel more experienced, more confident, and better able to choose what to do next and how to do it more efficiently. After all, Author strives to become better for her readers, too.

And a tip from Author and Sister: new challenges are always scary at first. And that goes for writing your first book, publishing it and marketing it. It’s okay to be afraid, but don’t freeze in place, unable to move. Take the first step, then the next one, then the one after that, no matter how small each step is. You will learn and progress, and the process will become clearer as you do. It might at times seem that others know so much more than you, that you will forever be clueless. But everyone feels that way at the beginning. Think about how much more you will know, how much more you will be able to do with time. Think about that day you will be able to look with pride at what you had created. Yes, it takes work. A lot of it. It’s your doing—and your achievement.

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