Adjusting to a somewhat different routine

Twenty weeks after the second day of the new year

First, a personal note: Oracle’s Hunt received its first two reviews. Any words Author could say would diminish from these next ones: thank you, reviewers.

And on that note, two weeks after the publication of Oracle’s Hunt Author finds herself trying to adjust to a somewhat different work routine. As you know, she is in the in-depth review and detail-completion stage of her work on her next book for you, and the thing is that when she was at that same stage in her work on The First and on Oracle’s Hunt, it was just her and the manuscript, that was all she did. Most days she would get up in the morning, run the day’s chores and errands, and then sit down to work for the rest of the day, completely focused on her writing. But now things are different. Now other venues require her participation—Facebook and Twitter and this blog and the newsletter and whatever else Sister, who is still hard at work on the launch, by the way, calls on Author to be part of. And then there are host blog questions or the two friendly interviews Author and Sister had this past week, which Sister had set up (Author is still learning how to do those, she’s so very new at it, you know). And so, you see, it’s no longer just Author and the book, it’s Author, the book, and quite a few other tasks pulling at her attention.

Mind you, Author is not complaining. It’s all part of being a published author, and a good part at that. It shows that Author and Sister are moving in the direction they want, forward. And Author finds that she likes being in contact with you, sharing with you as she has. But first and foremost, it is Author’s responsibility to write. And so Author has to find a way to keep her focus on her writing while also giving some attention to the added responsibilities she now has.

And that’s where the need for adjustment lies. At that stage she is in now in her next book for you, Author needs to be able to work only on it for hours at a stretch, entirely focused on timelines, consistency of detail, clarity of event sequences. That’s the way she does things, and it takes time for her to dive into her writing, get those gray cells running, and then she likes to keep working until she completes her train of thought. In fact, when Author is in this stage of the work on a story she mulls over things for days on end, her mind never really winding down. So turning attention for short stretches of time to the other tasks that require a similar kind of mind work from her, and then going back to the book, isn’t easy for her. And the thing is, Author can’t say, “Well, I’ll just take a week now to work on the book, then a day or so to do other things, then go back to the book again”. Those new non-book-writing tasks need to be addressed pretty much on a daily basis.

So Author is relearning the way she does things, trying to adjust. It’s a good idea, she thinks, to do this now. It’s better to adjust to each change in its own time, rather than deal with all changes together later, which would be far more disruptive. After all, Author’s writing for you must not suffer, it must come first. Oh, and yes, of course, author will keep you updated about how her adjusting effort goes.

And a word about the Everward sisters’ Canada Quest. A word to Canada again, in fact: Author and Sister have now published their second book. Go to Amazon, you’ll see both books there, The First and Oracle’s Hunt, an ebook and a paperback for each. The sisters had hoped that this second book would be published when they are already in a new home, in Canada. They had hoped that by now they would be well on their way to becoming the Canadian Author and Sister. But that was not to be, despite their efforts. Canada, where will Author and Sister be when they publish their third book?

This week’s tip from Author and Sister, for the new writers among you: depending on what your work routine is, in fact depending on what your day-to-day routine is, once you start putting your book—and yourself—out there you can expect changes to that routine that you will have to adjust to. Don’t wait, make an effort to adjust to these changes as they occur. This will be easier than trying to adjust to everything at once. And keep in mind that these are welcome changes, they mean that new things, good things are happening. You are no longer writing for yourself, but for readers. You are a published author.


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