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The First - 3D

Find Her.

Is the ancient directive that has once again reawakened in the hearts of those who hide.

Kill Her!

Is the frantic command of those who fear their rise.

Aelia returns from a vacation that did not go quite as she expected, to a life she does not quite feel at home in but that is, at least, hers. Or so she thinks. Within days of returning she is targeted by a hit man and she has no idea why.

But then neither does he. All Kyle Rhys knows is that to protect humanity, this woman must die. At least, he thinks, killing her will be easy. After all, the organization that has raised him has prepared him for her death his entire life.

So why can’t he kill her?

In an impossible turn of events, both killer and target find themselves on the run from those who would stop at nothing to destroy them, to those who hold a truth that would overturn their entire world, taking their very identities from them forever.

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Claire and Kate Everward

Once upon a time a sister told her sister that her imagination is going wild, that she has so much to say and stories chasing through her head (don’t worry, no voices) and that escaping into that endless world of imagination makes everything (well almost everything…) tolerable. So the sister sighed indulgently and told her sister, you want to write, write. We’ll publish. People love to read.

Anna Claire Everward is now an author with already two book series on their way. And her sister? Kate Anne Everward became her publisher and PR agent. That’s how Author & Sister books was born.

Here you can learn about every new book and of course you can buy it, in fact it is highly recommended ;-). Some of the books will be fiction. Some will be memoirs. Some will be our experiences shared with you, hopefully providing insights and tools. 

And then there’s our blog, which will tell you of the life that led us here. What we did right, what we did wrong, our opinions and sometimes a story. We will definitely do our best to provide a new point of view and helpful tips for people like us. We promise, it will be interesting.


Stay tuned for our new developments, which will include also book abstracts and giveaways. And in the meanwhile, enjoy the blog 🙂

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